A Level and IGCSE results

We are delighted to announce our AS and IGCSE results for Scholars International Academy students for the year 2020.

Four students in Year 13 graduated with all A’s in their A-Level finals.
This year two students in year 11 achieved all A* in all nine of their IGCE subjects.

We are proud to report the outstanding 100% pass rate for all students taking the A and A2 examination and 100% pass rate for all students taking the IGCSE.

You will see in the highlights below that we have a lot to be proud of in the achievements of these year 11 students taking the IGCSE’s and the year 12 and 13 student taking their AS and A2’s. We are very proud that in this unprecedented and challenging year SIA students have continued to excel.
Outstanding AS – A2 and GCSE results year on year, reflect the high achievements in not only the core subjects, but also in our 13 different GCSE subjects. Congratulations to our high achievers!

“It is clear from these fantastic results that with support of our dedicated teachers SIA students have modelled the resilience and dedication we hoped to foster in them and show the world that even in the most difficult of times, they can rise to the challenge. Well done to all, we are all so proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see what the next chapter of your academic journey brings you.”

Darren Frearson
Head of Secondary


100% pass rate for from both AS and A2 examinations
84% of students achieved A* to C in the A2 examination
92% of students achieved A* to C in the AS examination
38% of our graduating cohort got all A’S in their A2 subjects
67% of the graduating year were awarded A’s in their subjects

100% Students passed their IGCSE’s
91% Achieved A* to C
88% Achieved 5 A* to C
43% Achieved grades of A*/A

Key Exam Successes
2 students achieved all A* in all 9 of their IGCE subjects
4 students in Y13 graduated with all A’s in their A-Level finals