Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envisage empowering unique men and women from within the student-centered environment that we provide. Our aim is to develop in them critical skills and sense of challenge required for success in a rapidly evolving international society, to make our students respectfully assertive yet culturally tolerant and respectful.

Our Mission

SIA aims to fulfill our vision through allowing for individual difference and learning styles, and for the enjoyment of the educational process we espouse. As befits our strong  membership of The British Schools in The Middle East and British Schools Overseas, we will nurture the whole child and focus on stimulating equally, in each one, academic, personal, physical and social growth in an environmentally-friendly campus atmosphere.

SIA believes in strong ethical and moral values that are taught to their students to serve as better members of the community, see our education philosophy here.


Recognized among the premier international schools in Sharjah. For admissions information contact us at 06 519 7000 or click here.


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