School Wellness

Scholars International Academy was recognized by Jamal.M.Al Fuqha, Private Schools Coordinator/School Health Section/PHC from Ministry of Health for their outstanding medical services at School. SIA received commendable appreciation for the levels of Medical Services and the maintenance of School Clinic. From outstanding nursing services to implementing new changes, SIA has truly shown dedication and hardwork. Jamal’s words; “All School health team members appreciate the way you have been trained to deliver such satisfying levels of Medical Services & Nursing care for students. I have recommended your School’s Clinic to be one the best, excellent model to others as well.”

SIA has showed consistency and diligence in getting recognized by the Ministry of Health as Jamal Says; “We are proud to have employees like you as a part of our School Health Team”

School Wellness is an integral part of an educational system. At SIA, we give great importance to ensuring safety and good health for students by providing excellent medical and clinic services.

Congratulations SIA for a job well done in assuring that the medical services and clinic facilities at SIA surpassed the expectations of the School Health team of Ministry of Health. A big thank you to the entire Clinic and Medical staff for their hard work and outstanding dedication.

Formal Physical Activity

SIA recognizes the positive benefits of physical activity for student health and academic achievement through physical education classes and activity breaks during the school day.

All students are required to participate in a minimum of two formal PE classes per week. Physical education programs are sequential, building from year to year, and content includes motor skills, concepts and strategies as well as, physical fitness. They are designed to meet the needs of all students, including those who are not athletically gifted, and actively teach cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation. The program includes a variety of activities, including team and individual sports as well as physical activities, such as rhythm and dance.

Health and Nutrition Education

Health and Nutrition subjects are part of the taught curriculum and designed to support the students in developing healthy attitudes and behaviour.

The Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is a working group at SIA instrumental in drafting and facilitating the wellness policy. The Principal, Vice Principal, Administrator, School Nurse, PSHE Coordinator, Heads of Houses, the Counselor and three teachers from foundation, primary and secondary are part of the Wellness committee.

The committee meets at the end of every term to review the progress of the school in meeting the Wellness Policy goals and to take any necessary action as required. Our school canteen supports the wellness directives of the school with healthy options for snacks and lunch.


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