Awards and Achievements

International Olympiad Foundation Winners

As the academic year comes to an end we would like to present you our ingenious and brilliant winners of the International Olympiad Foundation.

We had a total of Fifty-five students representing the school in Science, Mathematics, English and Cyber Olympiad who did a fabulous performance but there were seven students who definitely stole the show by ranking in the top 3 list across all over UAE.

Here are the Olympiad Winners:

Angin Sohrab, Year 4 student won Gold medal in Math











Meth Shevin Suriyabandara, Year 4 student won a Bronze Medal for Cyber.









Rohan Pullikara Shemi, Year 3 student won a Bronze medal in Cyber. 








Shahzad Ameer, Year 8 student won a Silver medal in Science.








Ilia Abdolmohammad, Year 8 student won a Silver medal in Science.









Surya Saiganesh Pillai, Year 3 student won a Bronze medal in Science










International Gymnastics Winner

Scholars International Academy is proud of Saja Abolela, 2D, 8 years old who participated in four international gymnastics competitions. In one of these competitions, traveled to Georgia with her team and coachShe has achieved many places and medals. For example, she achieved the first place in hoop routine in Georgia and second place in freehand routine. Recently she has achieved a third place overall in Stryx international cup for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Dubai


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