Physical Education

Our Physical Education department believes in providing students as many opportunities to succeed in sport as possible while promoting healthy active lifestyles and encouraging life-long participation in sport. We follow the UK Cambridge Curriculum guidelines and have produced a varied and dynamic program and structured assessment practices. Clear success criteria is provided to the students for each sport allowing them to monitor their own progress and assess how they can improve their knowledge and ability. Following the “Four Pillars of P.E” of skill, teamwork, effort and leadership, all students are challenged and engaged in lessons. Rewards such as house points and certificates are regularly awarded to students who demonstrate these four pillars to a high standard consistently in lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Sports covered by our curriculum include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, gymnastics, health related fitness, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby, swimming, softball and volleyball. As well as this, our PE staff deliver a range of sports as part of our after school activities program enhancing the learning of our students as well as promoting sport and activity outside of lesson time. Outside agencies also offer sports such as karate and golf which are not part of our PE curriculum ensuring that all students are catered for.
In Year 1 and Year 2 the emphasis is upon developing fundamental movement skills such as agility, balance, co-ordination and flexibility as well as developing confidence, fair play and team work in sport. Students will also participate in gymnastics, swimming, striking and fielding and modified invasion games. From Year 3 onwards, students participate in a range of sports on a four to six week rotation with each lesson focusing on different skills and techniques to improve each individual student’s overall performance. Lessons also develop knowledge and understanding of the rules and skills in the sport and a recognition of when to apply tactics and strategies. As students progress through the school, more emphasis is placed on the students to enhance their own learning through student-led warm ups and peer feedback.

In our senior classes the focus is on leadership and lessons encourage students to contribute actively towards teaching and coaching. Students develop a wide range of skills such as communication, confidence and organization which can be applied across all subjects. We now also offer Physical Education as an IGCSE subject. Universities and employers accept Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education as proof that candidates have knowledge, skills and an understanding of a range of relevant physical activities. Candidates’ knowledge, skills and understanding comes from studying both practical and theoretical aspects of Physical Education. 60% of the course is coursework based whilst the remaining 40% is in the form of a written exam.

As well as offering a varied curriculum and an extensive extra curricular activities program, the PE staff are actively promoting and providing competitive sporting opportunities for our students. Boys and girls football teams are now active and participating in regular fixtures against our neighbouring schools whilst further teams in a range of sports are due to begin very soon!

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