Secondary School Years 7 To 13

The secondary level at Scholars International Academy ensures that the students are getting the knowledge that would aid them in creating a prosperous future. Once the students are promoted to the secondary program they are introduced to a greater degree of critical thinking, tasks and learning making sure that the students at SIA are well equipped for all sorts of challenges. There is a great number of students entering the secondary program are from the primary program as our primary program builds a strong foundation for students to build on. However, SIA opens its doors to welcome students at the secondary level to seek an opportunity to learn in a compassionate and rich learning environment.

The secondary program at SIA divides the UK Curriculum in two parts; The Cambridge Secondary 1 programme, Years 7 to Year 9 that caters the age group of 11 to 14. This program builds on the foundations established in Primary and expands knowledge competencies in the core subjects. The main emphasis are on the core subjects; English, Mathematics, and Science. Mainly because these subjects serve as basis for future development.

At SIA, we believe that writing is power, one of the underlying strength of a student is expressing him or herself through the power of words. For this a great deal of effort is put in English, mainly related to the writing skills of students by using a variety of grammar and vocabulary. Writing includes everything; from narratives, to explanations, descriptions, summaries and even evaluations.

In Mathematics teachers diligently teach students the logical concepts, fluency and reasoning which would help them think critically and solve Math problems. Students are provided with algebraic and geometric understanding, along with the concept of probability to the notion of risk and uncertainty. The students would successfully be able to master the skill of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. This mathematic knowledge learnt will allow students to apply this in and out of class. Most importantly, the dedicated teachers at SIA teach children the key to successful math learning; breaking the complex problems into simpler, easily solvable steps.

Our Science curriculum nurtures the curiosity within the students by covering four areas; scientific enquiry which enables your child to satisfy their inquisitiveness, biology: teaches your child about the human body and all that the information required for organic matter, Chemistry: explains the various chemical notions and concoctions along with safe laboratory experiments conducted under teachers supervision and finally physics facilitating the student’s knowledge from motion, to movement, to pressure and everything around them. During secondary 1, we ensure that the students are taught the right skills along with practical work so that it develops the study skills and provides a way for our students to explore their curiosity.

The second division of the secondary program is the Cambridge Secondary 2, Years 10 & 11 catering the age group of 14 to 16. This program focuses on developing the core knowledge, critical thinking and a mastering the art of applying knowledge and theory in practical situations. Year 9 students begin the IGCSE program. The students are provided with a variety of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) subjects to choose from which include; Mathematics, English as 1st and as 2nd language, Arabic as 1st and 2nd language, Islamiyat, Global Perspectives, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Management, Business Studies, History, ICT, PE, French and Art. Targets defined in the UK Curriculum are assessed at the end of each stage. Recognized worldwide, our checkpoints and external examinations are the Cambridge External Examinations, a part of Cambridge Assessments, a department of the University of Cambridge. Over the course of 9 years, SIA has produced outstanding results for IGCSE.

We value the academics of the student, and for this, academic performance of students is evaluated at a regular basis. Which in turn, serves as a way for students to self-analyze themselves and do better. We also believe in keeping our students motivated and for that students’ performances whether academic or extra – curricular is rewarded and recognised. Our school practices great ethics and morals which are passed on to our students in order to yield well disciplined, confident and respectful individuals.


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