Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care at SIA

Caring and supporting one another is a key value at Scholars International Academy.

At SIA, wellbeing is an important aspect of a student’s development and we understand the need for our students to feel safe, fulfilled and above all happy. Whole school pastoral wellbeing and care initiatives ensure the physical and emotional good health and welfare for all our students.

The Role of the Teacher

The teacher’s role is central in both caring for students wellbeing and monitoring student progress both academically and socially, encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work and behaviour. Form teachers throughout the school are aware of friendship patterns, family structures, leisure interests, contents of student records, social development, problems at home/school and relationships with other students and staff. The form teacher is responsible to monitor and review their students’ current progress across the curriculum using all the data provided and follow through concerns and issues about learning and effort when necessary with subject areas and parents. They are also the first point of awareness for social and personal factors relevant to the student within and outside of school.

Awareness Days

The Listening Ear Service started six years ago at Scholars International Academy, primarily for Secondary students. Students with any wellbeing concern are either referred by the student welfare officer or by making contact themselves, if they are struggling emotionally.

Listening Ear Service

To promote awareness of wellbeing issues among the whole school community, SIA holds a wellbeing week and awareness days which allow for discussion and advice on topics relevant to students.

Parent Presentations

To promote wellbeing awareness on topics affecting your children, SIA holds talks, currently held on zoom, available to the entire parent community. Topics include cyberbullying, raising emotionally intelligent children, parenting the teen years, and more. Please refer to the school calendar for a listing of these talks.


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